Jameela Jamil dramatically 'called out' a comedian but people are questioning if she overreacted

Jameela Jamil dramatically 'called out' a comedian but people are questioning if she overreacted

Another day, another online drama with Jameela Jamil.

Last month the actor and presenter made some valid points about her chronic illness, after being trolled by social media users who claimed she was faking sickness for clout.

After responses from both Jameela and her boyfriend James Blake, that seemed to clear up the matter (she’s sick, you’re all weirdos for going on about it), it all went quiet.

Jameela went back to doing what she does best (online activism with a sprinkle of framing every single issue through her own personal perspective etc).

But now it’s kicking off again, thanks to a tweet from comedian Michelle Collins, a presenter on SiriusXM radio station.

“Place your bets on who will be the first famous person to get coronavirus,” she tweeted and followed it up saying:

“Jameela doesn’t count”.

Her second tweet was an apparent reference to the (false) accusations that Jameela keeps inventing diseases to suffer from.

Jameela noticed the joke – and wasn’t happy.

There were plenty of people who backed her up as well.

Some called the joke “ableist”.

Others said it contributed to a culture that ignores and demeans invisible illnesses.

However, there were some who wondered if Jameela had perhaps… overreacted.

They included fellow comedian Marcia Belsky.

And Michelle, who urged Jameela to “learn to LOL” about herself.

No one really comes off well in this.

Making jokes about chronic illness is tasteless, while reacting in hyperbolic fashion dials every issue up to 11, a tiring state of perpetual outrage to exist in.

Maybe everyone should just… log off?

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