James Blunt: I have learned to cash in on the social media abuse

James Blunt (Atlantic/PA)
James Blunt (Atlantic/PA)

James Blunt has said he “enjoys” the abuse he receives on social media and has learned how to “cash in on it”.

The singer-songwriter, 47, is known for hits including 1973 and You’re Beautiful but has also won fans with his witty comebacks aimed at critics of his music on social media.

Blunt described the abuse as a “joke” and said it was easy to ignore when thousands of fans paid to see him perform in arenas around the world.

The former Army officer, who served for six years, told the PA news agency: “I definitely think the real world is a nicer environment with more to offer.

“You meet a nicer person generally in the real world than you do in the world of social media.

“But I enjoy the abuse.

“And I’ve learned to cash in on it too.”

He added: “It’s a joke, because I go on tours around the world and I am lucky enough to play arenas of up to 20,000 people a night.

“There are tens of thousands of people making an effort to come, paying good money and travelling distance to see these shows.

“It would be a joke to take the two people online who are being mean about me or my music seriously, rather than people who attended the shows.

The Stars Beneath My Feet (2004-2021) (Atlantic/PA)

“They’re making the effort and they are the ones who deserve the recognition and respect.”

Blunt said his record label had encouraged him to join TikTok but suggested he preferred interactions in the real world.

He said: “Every album, the label say there’s a new platform and that you should be on this platform.

“Like all these things, they are quite self-orientated.

“And I do think the real world probably has more to give.

“But at the same time, I feel very fortunate to have platforms like these, which mean that I can have direct contact with people.”

James Blunt releases greatest hits album The Stars Beneath My Feet (2004-2021) on November 19 on Atlantic Records.

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