Tory MP tries to mock Labour with emojis and it backfires spectacularly

With Boris Johnson now fully in charge of the country as prime minister and with his new cabinet fully assembled, MPs in all parties have been hard at work during his first official day on the job.

That's what they'd want you to think but for two MPs the only way that they could summarise the new PMs first day on the job was to have an emoji battle over Twitter. Yes, you read that right.

James Cleverly, the new Tory party chair, shared a 'hilarious' tweet featuring emojis which he felt represented the faces of the Labour benches in the House of Commons during prime ministers' questions.

LOL! Amazing James! Top banter! Really stuck it to them there.

Labour MP, Angela Rayner who was also in the session responded to Cleverly's tweet with her own emojis which she felt summed up the faces of the Tory benches.

Elsewhere, people also used an array of emojis to respond to Cleverly and it's safe to say that he probably won't be doing this again.

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