People think James Corden could replace Ellen DeGeneres and no one is happy about it
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James Corden, who hosts his own late night talk show, is reportedly in the running to replace Ellen DeGeneres if she were to no longer host her own show.

For weeks, DeGeneres's show has been the subject of criticism after allegations of racism, sexual harassment and more by former employees were revealed by BuzzFeed News.

DeGeneres addressed the issues in a letter to her crew last week, hours before the publication of another investigation from BuzzFeed alleging multiple instances of sexual harassment by powerful producers.

Now, Page Six and The Sun have reported that Corden is one of the names in line to potentially replace Ellen.

The source is “insiders” who have said that apparently Corden has always been in the running to replace DeGeneres.

Whether this pans out or not (it seems far far from a done deal) people were incredibly unimpressed by the prospect.

Lots of people pointed out that considering replacing one of the first openly LGBTQ+ women on national TV with a straight white man kind of missed the point.

While others pointed out that Corden already had his own talk show – which would need a new host.

There’s also a good chance that Ellen might not even be leaving – getting a new host in during this pandemic might be trickier than usual and there's been no statement or evidence to this effect.

Either way, perhaps Corden isn’t exactly the right person for the job, but maybe Dakota Johnson is looking for a new gig.

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