James O'Brien speaks to caller who fell out with whole family over ...
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James O'Brien was left horrified after listening to a caller explain how he had to leave France and fell out with his family due to Brexit.

Dean from Wisbech in Cambridgeshire called O'Brien's LBC show and explained that he had to sell his house "in a hurry" and get his pets and family out of France in 2020, where had lived since before the referendum because it was difficult to get residency as he wasn't earning enough money. "It's all been a horrible mess," he said.

His business, which involves selling items imported from India around the world, has also suffered since Brexit he said.

"When I was living in the UK before 35 per cent of my sales were to EU countries. Since I've moved back from France there's nothing," he explained, adding that import duties and the need to get certification for goods imported created issues.

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Aside from that, he said Brexit has impacted his relationships with his family, the majority of whom had voted for Brexit, despite him living in France with a Hungarian wife.

"All my family voted for Brexit," he explained and said his father's best friend said his reason for supporting the policy was "to stop the Muslims from coming over".

"I've fallen out with my family," he continued. "I haven't really spoken to my brother for two or three years, he's full-on Nigel Farage, Brexit, Donald Trump."

O'Brien was shocked by the story. "That's crazy," he said. "That's just sad."

Indeed it is.

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