Janet Jackson leaves people speechless after sharing bizarre video of election dance-off

The closer we get to the election, the more creative – and outlandish – the content is getting.

Like the spoof video just shared by Janet Jackson on Twitter.

Titled the “2020 Congressional Ball” and created by Twitter user @bellbivdevote, it reimagines the US election – and various people connected to the two presidential candidates – as ballroom dancers.

No, not the waltzing type – rather the form of dancing pioneered by LGBTQ+ commuities in the 1980s that’s now everywhere, from RuPaul’s Drag Race to FKA twigs' music videos.

Opening with a declaration that the one-minute clip features the "Legendary House of Democrats vs the House of Republicans,” it’s truly quite the ride.

If you’ve ever wanted to see Joe Biden vogue or Maxine Waters duck walk, here’s your chance.

The video ends with one simple command: “VOTE”.

Sharing it on her Twitter, Jackson – an icon of the queer community – wrote “#GoinIN” alongside some dancing emojis.

However, while some people loved Jackson’s tongue-in-cheek post, others were less enthusiastic.

“I love you so much, but please. Not like this,” replied writer Kimberly Nicole Foster.

Others said they were feeling “tested” by Jackson’s decision to share the video.

It was deemed “embarrassing”.

The thinking seemed to be that this election was critical and to give it a ballroom makeover portrayed it too light-heartedly.

Particularly when several of the politicians ‘voguing’ had previously attempted to strip LGBTQ+ rights away.

Some decided there was a bright side.

But maybe it’s better for Ms Jackson’s social team to take Control of her feeds for now.

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