Japan just held an incredibly NSFW penis festival


Before we begin - it's not the festival you're thinking of.

The annual festival in Kawasaki, which involves a mikoshi parade of phalluses through the town, celebrates the 17th century tale about a penis-eating demon.

The below festival, in Nagaoka, is an annual celebration in which dozens of newlywed women ride a giant wooden phallus through the town, in the hope it will bring them marital bliss, fertility, and luck.

The giant wooden statue, made as part of the Hodare festival, is 2.2 metres long and weighs around 600kg.

The ceremony is religious, and locals traditionally believed that praying and touching the giant member would lead to good fortune.

Watch the full video, below:

The celebration was originally a small affair, but has since grown into a large event that attracts many tourists.

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