Heckler who labelled Jeremy Corbyn a 'terrorist sympathiser' linked to racist and homophobic Twitter account

A General Election means one thing: lots of cringe-worthy encounters between politicians and the people they’re hoping to represent.

We’ve seen many, many clips of Boris Johnson being heckled, but now it’s Jeremy Corbyn’s turn.

The Labour leader was heckled by a man in Glasgow on Wednesday who labelled him a “terrorist sympathiser”.

As Corbyn explained the origins of the tartan scarf he was wearing, a man - who was largely hidden from view as Corbyn campaigned with Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard - said:

I thought you’d be wearing your Islamic Jihad scarf.

Corbyn was wearing a tartan scarf on his visit to Scotland’s largest city. Care charity Who Cares? Scotland tweeted to reveal that Corbyn was wearing a scarf they gifted to him.

The man also asked Corbyn:

Are you invited to the funeral?

This is presumably a reference to the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was recently killed by US forces.

Finally, the man asked:

Do you think the man who’s going to be prime minister of this country should be a terrorist sympathiser, Mr Corbyn?

Who’s going to be the first terrorist invited to the House of Commons when you’re prime minister?

The heckler was later identified by Sky News journalist Tom Rayner as Reverend Richard Cameron.

A Twitter account thought to belong to Cameron is littered with offensive Tweets.

The account defended comments by Boris Johnson which were widely labelled as Islamophobic. In 2017 he also labelled terrorism an "Islam problem".

The account also called homosexuality a "perversion", among other homophobic tweets which are too offensive to publish.

The account has also tweeted similarly extreme racist and antisemitic remarks which indy100 won’t publish either.

Journalist Owen Jones noted that the account has been trolling him “for years”.

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