Jeremy Corbyn just tweeted about 'images from his past' being leaked – here's what's really going down

No sleep for Jeremy Corbyn's social media team – instead they obviously spent all night dreaming up the best election day strategy to get those last minute votes.

The latest in a string of recent memes flying from the Labour leaders' account is a clickbaity post which alludes to some "personal images from my past", with the "truth" available via a link which takes you straight to Labour's polling station finder.

It's presumably a take on the meme doing the rounds a few weeks ago, where people were "encouraging" others to register to vote by posting spoof stories about Jay-Z and Beyonce splitting up or David Attenborough being ill, then linking to the voter registration site.

It seemed some people actually fell for it though.

While others bought into the story, which is presumably intended to allude to the existence of either nudes, or pictures of him at more pro-Palestinian rallies. We're not sure which – in an alternate universe – would have done more to ruin his chances today.

All in all, most people are pretty impressed with the ingenuity and cultural awareness that went into this viral moment.

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