Jeremy Corbyn appears to like a tweet endorsing Lisa Nandy for Labour leader

Jeremy Corbyn has allegedly liked a tweet in which someone says they hope Lisa Nandy wins the Labour leadership – before promptly unliking it.

At just gone midnight last night, a Twitter user called @joeljoel tweeted in response to a Rebecca Long Bailey supporter with a screenshot of an Ipsos Mori poll which put her in second place with just 61 per cent of people saying they view her as a "favourable" candidate, compared to 61 per cent for frontrunner Kier Starmer.

He then followed up with a screenshot showing Jeremy Corbyn had liked the tweet:

"Joel" was understandably beside himself, but some people were questioning the legitimacy of the tweet. In response, he went a step further and posted a video showing the like:

Did "Joel" photoshop this? Is it real? And if it is... is Jeremy Corbyn OK?!

Most would assume that if he were to endorse a candidate it would be Rebecca Long Bailey, who is the most closely ideologically aligned with the former leader.

Lisa Nandy on the other hand appeared on Newsnight last night and slammed a number of Corby's election policies, including nationalisation of public services and slashing tuition fees.

The most likely scenario seems to be that Corbyn actually intended to like the original tweet backing Long Bailey, but a slip of the finger led him to briefly look like a Nandy stan.

People have a lot of questions... indy100 has reached out to Corbyn to see if he can clarify, but so far no luck.

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