22 of the best reactions to Sajid Javid's surprise resignation as chancellor

Boris Johnson has begun to reshuffle his cabinet which has resulted in the unexpected resignation of chancellor Sajid Javid.

Reports suggest that Javid's departure was down to growing tensions between him and Johnson's close aide Dominic Cummings and a demand to have his own advisers replaced by those chosen by Cummings.

Javid has been replaced by the relatively inexperienced Rishi Sunak, the MP for Richmond and son-in-law of an Indian billionaire, who was only elected to government in 2015 and was appointed by Johnson as chief secretary to the treasury in July 2019.

This comes on the coattails of several prominent sackings from the cabinet including Andrea Leadsom, Geoffrey Cox and Esther McVey, as Johnson looks to reshape his government, post-Brexit.

Javid has now become the shortest-serving Chancellor since Iain MacLoed in 1970, who sadly died in office.

As you can imagine, Javid dramatic departure has created a lot of discourse (and jokes) on Twitter, especially as he was due to deliver a budget in less than a month.

Away from Javid, who will presumably return to a role in the backbenches, Sunak's meteoric rise through the Tory ranks has created a lot of backlash, especially when more experienced people MPs like Liz Truss are available, thus denying us the UK's first-ever female chancellor.

We can, at least, confirm that Boris Johnson has been allowed to keep his job.

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