Jeremy Corbyn just made his most scathing criticism of Theresa May yet - by comparing her to Donald Trump

From Biff Tannen to Adolf Hitler, Donald Trump is a man who attracts a lot of comparisons.

One person he probably hasn't been compared to before is British prime minister Theresa May... until now.

Speaking to the Labour South East Regional Conference on Saturday, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn drew parallels between the political climates in the US and the UK.

Criticising a "political elite that doesn't listen", Corbyn urged supporters to "take on corporate vested interests".

Then, training his sights on the Conservative leader, Corbyn said:

Theresa May as home secretary fed the idea that immigration was the real problem, made promises she knew she couldn't deliver about slashing numbers.

And she whipped up hate with those notorious go home vans. No wonder she didn't even temper her welcome to Donald Trump.

She has used the same strategy herself - if delivered with a more refined voice.

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