Jeremy Hunt showed no chill on Tuesday night after his scheduled television debate with Boris Johnson was called off after his opponent pulled out of the event.

The two had been due to debate each other on Sky News but without anyone to debate with Hunt was left to his own devices and judging by his Twitter output, he was having the time of his life.

Jumping on the trending hashtag #BoJoNoShow, Hunt announced that he would be doing a Q and A wasn't prepared to let his Tory colleague off lightly and also found time to mock himself and some former members of his party.

He also took a few amusing shots at the serving prime minister Theresa May.

And the prime minister before May...

However, his best tweets saw him candidly mock himself and actually appeared to be having some fun sharing his thoughts on food, pets and television shows.

He rounded the session off by posting a picture of himself enjoying a (cold) pizza and blimey...does Jeremy Hunt actually seem likeable?

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