Jeremy Hunt made *that* joke about his own name and people don’t know what to think

In his bid to become the new prime minister, Jeremy Hunt has so far opted for the low-key humiliation of carefully planned stunts like drinking an Irn Bru in Scotland or posting candid snaps of himself presumably playing Airport Tycoon on a laptop at Heathrow in support of a new runway.

Little did he realise, the perfect strategy was there all along.

In the spirit of dodgy self-help mantras and aspirational Disney films, the foreign secretary decided to turn a weakness into a strength… Or in other words, Mr Hunt was just refreshingly self-deprecating.

After rival Boris Johnson refused to appear in a televised debate on Sky News, Mr Hunt took to Twitter to answer the public’s questions, using the hashtag #BoJoNoShow.

It wasn't long before one Twitter user asked the inevitable.

After throwing a bit of a tantrum earlier in the campaign, when the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire became the latest commentator to mispronounce his name, Mr Hunt clearly decided to opt for a new approach... and it was disarmingly effective.

While several people had to check the account was actually legit, most responded well to the unusual display of humour.

Some people felt pretty conflicted.

Unfortunately, others took more convincing.

It remains unclear whether the public will be able to stop themselves from thinking of this as the foreign secretary's actual name if he becomes prime minister.

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