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The Tory leadership campaign hasn't been the most inspiring thing to ever grace British politics, but this is life in 2019 Britain.

With Boris Johnson awash with controversies and discussions about his private life, it has been left to Jeremy Hunt to provide the laughs - and he isn't exactly a comedian.

During a lengthy Twitter thread about his campaign so far, which was posted on Monday morning, Hunt went into great detail about the different types of food that he has eaten around the country to date.

These include fish and chips in Scotland, a curry in Birmingham and cream tea in Devonshire, which all sounds quite lovely.

Unfortunately for Hunt, this tweet backfired on the Tory MP who probably didn't anticipate his culinary tour of the British Isles being turned into a joke.

Others felt that Hunt's tweet sounded a lot like song lyrics.

There were more than a few references to Rutger Hauer's iconic 'Tears in the Rain' speech from the classic sci-fi movie Blade Runner.

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