Jeremy Hunt’s wife has a pet name for Tory leader hopeful: ‘Big Rice’

Victoria Jones / POOL / AFP)

Jeremy Hunt’s wife Lucia has revealed that she has an interesting pet name for the foreign secretary: Big Rice.

No, this is not a joke (well, maybe it is, but not an intentional one).

Lucia Hunt revealed the name during an interview with the Mail on Sunday, and said the name came to being when they travelled to her home city, Xi’an, China.

Mrs Hunt introduced the foreign secretary to her family, but her grandma couldn’t say the name "Jeremy". She said:

My grandma found it very hard to say ‘Jeremy’ so she would just call him the ‘big mi’. Mi means ‘rice,’ so I call him ‘big rice’.

The jokes wrote themselves, really.

Uh, TMI.​

Lucia, who met her husband while working in Warwick and with whom she shares three children, went on to endorse the Tory leader hopeful:

He is kind, he is always generous, he cares about his family and he is very strong. He never hides from challenges.

Hunt appeared on a live debate on Channel 4, where he criticised Boris Johnson for not appearing on the panel. He remarked: “Where's Boris?” he asked.

If his team won't allow him out with five fairly friendly colleagues, how is he going to deal with 27 European countries.

He added, "every Conservative has two desires: cut taxes and spend more on public services".

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