Five things Jill Biden wants to do when she moves into the White House

Five things Jill Biden wants to do when she moves into the White House
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Today Electoral College votes are being cast, which is another step closer to the White House for the Bidens. 

Though it is by no means unfamiliar territory for future First Lady Jill Biden, her two terms as Second Lady came with no formal duties and less prominence.

The role of the First Lady has evolved over decades: Melania Trump’s remit during the past four years has been child welfare, which ironically covers anti-bullying initiatives.  

Now there is a rising curiosity as to how America’s next FLOTUS will spend her time.  

How will her lengthy career in education and campaigning inform her choices on the causes she dedicates the next four years to?

Push for debt-free community college

Last year Biden told Vogueshe would ‘travel all over this country trying to get free community college.’ It’s an issue that will likely be front and center during her time as FLOTUS.  She has worked in education for decades and has four degrees.

US college tuition is infamously eye-watering, and community college fees are not much better. Research from this year shows the average fees are ‘$4,809 per year for in-state students and $8,586 for out-of-state students.’

A working FLOTUS

Jill Biden will unquestionably continue the modernisation of the role that Michelle Obama  pioneered, and Melania Trump somewhat regressed. From it’s origins in being the White House ‘hostess’, what it means to be First Lady has evolved over decades.

Dr Biden plans to continue working full time as an English Professor at Northern Virginia Community College, and will be the first person of this role to do so along with her other engagements.

Biden may set the precedent for years to come that you don’t have to quit your day job just because your husband becomes the most powerful man in the world…

Support for military families

The way the US military is funded and operated is a contentious topic for many Americans, but it is a personal issue for the Biden’s, having had both sons serve in the military for years.

Her first broadcast appearance following the election centered around this, pledging to support military families as a priority, having done similar work during her time as Second Lady with Michelle Obama.

Just this weekend she was part of an operation to send care packages to soldiers that can’t visit their families due to COVID-19, and often meets with military families to discuss the emotional strain deployment has on them.

Cancer awareness and funding research

In a similar vein to the above, the Bidens have worked with cancer-led causes as a personal matter, after losing their eldest son Beau to brain cancer in 2015.

She has already called for an acceleration of funding put into research, and experts are confident they will see material consequences of this in the coming years.

Bringing culture back into the White House

Dr Biden expected to play a big role in getting public figures to bridge the gap between politics and culture once more.

During campaigning she was supported by the likes of the Queer Eye cast and Lady Gaga, which should a give an indication of the kind of public figures we’ll see traversing the political landscape.

In a material sense, the way the Trump presidency decorated the White House has been universally slated, with insane amounts of money put towards renovations. 

Hopefully Dr Biden will be able to help bring America back together. Because if there’s one thing we’re due in 2021 it’s some good news.

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