Jimmy Kimmel calls for special investigator to find out why Melania hates her husband


The United States Congress has launched an investigation to look into alleged associations between the Trump administration and Russian intelligence. But Jimmy Kimmel thinks they should be looking into something else.

President Trump has been conducting his first international trip of his administration, visiting Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Vatican City.

His wife Melania has accompanied him on the tour - but it doesn't look like things have been going swimmingly.

Twice now the cameras have picked up Melania Trump appearing to swat away The Donald's hand as he reaches for it.

It's even become a meme.

Late night shows

In the US, late night chat show are as ubiquitous as panel shows on British television.

Comedians with that golden ticket become touchstones of American culture, and often use their monologues to mock the latest news in politics and current affairs.

Kimmel has previously used his nightly show to criticise Trump policies.

Recently in a tearful monologue, Kimmel explained his son Billy had been given life saving surgery, only possible thanks to the Affordable Care Act - which at President Trump's behest the House of Representatives appealed.

Now Kimmel, riffing off questions that Melania is physically distant from Donald Trump in public appearances, joked that he thought their marriage needed and special investigator.

So they get off the plane, they’re waving zombie-like to the crowd, and then oops!

No, thank you.

He goes for the hand and—nope!...It is Italy!  

There’s something going on there, and I demand a special investigator to find out what. I’d love to know.

The full clip can be seen here.

HT Daily Beast

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