On J.K. Rowling's birthday, her greatest Trump putdowns

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J.K. Rowling, the esteemed author of the Harry Potter series, celebrates turning 52-years-old today.

When writing the global bestsellers Rowling gave the boy wizard the exact same birthday as her.

Potter fans around the world will be celebrating the birth of their hero and his creator today, but to some people J.K. Rowling is as prodiguously talented at trolling Donald Trump.

The British writer has had an ongoing grudge with the current US President for quite sometime now.

Way back in December 2015 she compared Trump to Lord Voldemort.

Actually, she said he was worse than he who shall not be named.

In fact she's not even sure he would get into Slytherin.

She also called him out on his now-infamous leak of tapes in which he brags about sexually assaulting women, before last years' Presidential Election.

Rowling wasn't very complimentary of his debating skills either.

His spelling skills were also taken to task. We wouldn't expect anything less from a writer.

Rowling had a slightly more sarcastic take on things when POTUS found the caps lock button.

She has made it her mission to protect us from Trump and his intentions.

When Trump tried to shame to TV hosts she quoted Abraham Lincoln.

She's also mocked his comically small hands.

It's not just Trump on the receiving end, his ardent followers have also been dealt their fair share of sass.

She has a great plan to protest his proposed visit to the UK.

There was also the time that she and fellow writer Stephen King, compared him to characters from their books.

Unfortunately for her not all of Rowling's criticisms of Trump go according to plan.

A few days ago she accused the President of ignoring a little boy in a wheelchair who was in the background of a speech that he gave at the White House.

Her claims were quickly discredited on Facebook by a woman claiming to be the boy's mother.

Footage of the alleged incident can be found below.

Well, nobody's perfect.

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