People think Jodie Comer's boyfriend supports Trump and it's sparked a debate about politics in relationships

How much responsibility do you have for your partner’s political views?

That’s the debate currently dividing Twitter after (very) unsubstantiated rumours about actor Jodie Comer’s boyfriend began to fly around.

A litany of Twitter detectives are now alleging Comer’s boyfriend is a man called James Burke – and that he’s a Trump supporter.

Once again, the slim dossier of circumstantial evidence for this comes from voter registration data linked to that name, fan ‘reports’ and pictures of Comer and an unidentified man (who people believe is James Burke).

People are absolutely convinced that he’s a Republican.

Who actively supports Donald Trump.

Once again, this entire supposition is based on scraps of “evidence” dug up by fans which are almost certainly subject to a pretty hefty dose of confirmation bias.

Yet that hasn’t stopped fans from “cancelling” Comer and labelling her a "hypocrite" for her vocal support of progressive movements, and playing LGBTQ+ characters.

She was quickly the target of a barrage of pretty vicious attacks.

People dug up pictures of Comer standing next to what appears to be some sort of obscure Confederate flag and called her “racist”.

There were immediate assumptions about Comer’s own motivations in supporting causes like BLM.

Very quickly, Comer herself was accused of supporting Trump.

People were furious.

But very quickly came voices who pointed out that cancelling a woman over unsupported evidence was a bizarre move to make.

And others said it was strange to direct so much hate at Comer and not the man accused of holding the beliefs.

Some said that Comer’s track record in activism and support of marginalised communities meant she shouldn’t be held accountable for her alleged partner's views.

But in response, others asserted that, by dating someone who holds beliefs that harm those same groups, Comer showed her allyship was “performative”.

Then there were those who believed Comer was entitled to privacy, Trump-supporting boyfriend or not.

While questions were raised in general about “cancelling” the actor.

As of yet, Comer has not responded to any of the allegations. Despite the fact that it's almost certainly just online hearsay and a big misunderstanding, the debate still rages on.

But the furore does beg the question – can we ever date someone with opposing politics if we truly believe in our professed principles?

indy100 has reached out to Jodie Comer for comment on all this. If she responds, we'll let you know.

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