People think that Joe Biden might have 'farted' during a campaign live stream

People think that Joe Biden might have 'farted' during a campaign live stream

Political campaigns can be a lot of hard work, placing a lot of strain on the body and mind, leaving almost no time for respite or a chance to reflect.

Sometimes politicians can be working at such a frantic place that when they've gotta go, they've gotta go...

With the US election on the horizon, Joe Biden has been out in full force, even with the small case of a pandemic going on.

On Wednesday the former vice president spoke to the governor of Pennsylvania Tom Wolf as part of a live campaign video chat.

While talking about the economic recovery from coronavirus in the state and the need for my financial help a bizarre sound rang out that sounded a lot like a fart.

Yes, you read that correctly – a fart and possibly a very wet one. Those watching noticed this and were more than happy to splash it all over social media, including Donald Trump Jr.

Although there is more than likely a reasonable explanation behind this, Wolf's expression does noticeably change when he hears the noise. Either he dealt it or was completely shocked that Biden would be so brazen as to let one rip during a campaign video.

In the interest of fairness and to prove that this isn't a smear campaign against Biden by his opponents, here is the original video taken from Biden's YouTube page. You can hear the "fart" at around 20 mins 48 seconds.

Buzzfeed News reports that it contacted an aide for Biden about the incident who replied:

Glad you're putting resources into this important story.

Many have compared it to a similar incident from November 2019 where congressman Eric Swalwell appeared to fart while being interviewed on MSNBC. It was later revealed that this sound was made by a mug being dragged across a desk.

We'll just have to presume that will be the same excuse that Biden uses.

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