Former Vice President Joe Biden was left red-faced at the fifth Democratic presidential debate.

Discussing racial issues, Biden said that his 2020 bid had been endorsed by the only black woman ever elected to the US Senate.

The only problem?

Senator Kamala Harris, another black woman and a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, was on the stage with him. Obviously, given she’s his opponent, she hasn't given Biden her endorsement.

Biden said:

The only African-American woman that’s ever been elected to the U.S. Senate supports me.

Which made Harris interject:

Nope. That’s not true. The other one is here.

I'm right here!

She then threw her arms in the air before breaking out in laughter along with the rest of the debate audience.

Harris became the second black woman ever elected to the Senate in 2016. She is of mixed ancestry, with parents hailing from from Jamaica and from India.

Harris was quick to point out the oversight on Twitter, where people reacted to the error with a mixture of embarrassment and humour.

H/T: The Hill

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