Joe Biden signed a picture of his own hot younger self and the world is a better place for it


You may recall that former Vice President, King of Memes and everyone's favourite politicical grandad Joe Biden used to be quite a looker in his younger years. (Not that he isn't a silver fox now.)

Biden posted this throwback on his Instagram of his 26-year-old self back in 2014 - to promote healthcare coverage, of all things.

The photo went viral.

For a while Biden became everyone's favourite crush.

But something very meta happened this week when someone presented him with the picture to sign.

Biden was speaking at a sexual assault awareness event (specifically discussing rape and consent), when Milena Michael and her friend Ravin Hassan approached him.

They later tweeted the entire saga...

So. This is how my morning went. Ravin & I went to an #ItsOnUs event.

It was phenomenal & super empowering. [Joe Biden ] spoke on what we can do

At the end, he came through the crowd & we asked [Biden] if he could sign the poster of him that hangs in our kitchen. He laughed. He signed.

We were shook (& I hate using that word, but nothing else works). He told us that's was taken when he met his wife & back when he had hair.

Then he took a selfie with someone's phone of all of us. Ravin & I start to leave. Then get interviewed by someone at @BuzzFeed. What a day.

Long story short, @JoeBiden, I just wanna know when you're going to adopt me.

Michael and Hassan told BuzzFeed News that Biden "laughed so hard" and told them that the photo was taken the weekend he met his wife.

Long story short, Joe Biden, we just wanna know when you're going to adopt all of us?

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