Joe Rogan is getting slammed by a conspiracy theorist after mentioning him on his show

Joe Rogan on The Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan is getting slammed by a conspiracy theorist after mentioning him on his show

The Joe Rogan Experience

Owen Benjamin, a right-wing comedian and conspiracy theorist, has asked why he is still on Joe Rogan’s mind after distancing himself from the podcast host.

Previously a regular guest on Rogan’s hit podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, Benjamin hasn’t appeared on the show in over five years. In a recent episode of the podcast, Rogan suggested that Benjamin hasn’t been the same person since taking an edible drug.

Taking issue with the comment, Benjamin went to Twitter to criticise Rogan for his claim.

“I haven’t done this dude’s show or been in L.A. in 5 years, why am I still on his mind?” Benjamin asked. “His little digs and lies used to bother me, but I kind of get why he’s like this.”

He added: “I may be a 'crazy failed comedian' but I’m free and he knows it. For all of our differences, me and @joerogan actually have some very deep similarities. We both love freedom and the look on peoples face when you say the truth.”

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Speaking about drugs on an episode of his podcast broadcast on May 25, Rogan claimed that comedian Joey Diaz “broke Owen Benjamin,” after they took edibles together. “Owen was like, legitimately never the same person.”

Despite Benjamin’s claims that Rogan is the one obsessed with him, some suggested it was the other way around:

Benjamin was previously an actor between 2008 to 2015, with minor roles in films such as The House Bunny and Jack and Jill. However, in late 2010s Benjamin started to express more extreme political views and is now considered an alt-right comedian and conspiracy theorist. Continually expressing homophobic and anti-Semitic views, he has faced several bans on social media platforms for his views.

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