Former Speaker of the House John Bercow has apparently moved on to his media career and it's really quite bizarre.

Appearing on Sky News last night, he decided to... impersonate himself?!

One minute we're staring aghast at the constantly-increasing Tory majority, the next we're watching Bercow, sans gown, shout "ORDER!" for no apparent reason.

And it wasn't even just once. As the show was coming to a close, host Dermot Murnaghan inexplicably asked him to do it again.

People were feeling very triggered.

His whole pundit moment has people both baffled and bemused.

At one point, he even talked about what a challenge it was to overcome his shyness which is, errrr, well let's give him the benefit of the doubt and say "surprising".

People also pointed out that he was not looking happy with the huge Tory majority he was reporting on.

Despite being a former Conservative MP, Bercow is openly anti-Brexit, and has moved further to the centre over the years. Rumour has it he and Boris Johnson aren't exactly work-besties.

It was an interesting performance, nonetheless. We're vibing a sweepstakes for whether he'll be on Strictly or I'm a Celebrity next.

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