John Cleese criticised after claiming 'London is no longer an English city' for supporting the EU

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Actor, comedian and Brexiteer John Cleese has lashed out at the city of London for its continued support of the European Union and being firmly against Brexit.

The 79-year-old, best known for his role in Fawlty Towers and as a part of Monty Python's Flying Circus, has been a strong advocate of leaving the EU even prior to the 2016 referendum.

However, in an outburst on Twitter on Wednesday morning, Cleese claimed that 'London was not really an English city any more' [sic] and that 'virtually all of his friends from abroad have confirmed my observation'.

In finished the tweet by noting that London did vote for Remain, in some sort of vague attempt to show that the capital of the country somehow wasn't patriotic anymore.

However, his attempts to criticise London for being pro-EU has backfired massively, with many mocking the star for his questionable take on the subject - especially when he lived in Los Angeles for the best part of 20 years in the 80s and 90s, before confirming last year that he has plans to move to the Caribbean island of Nevis as he was reportedly 'depressed' about the Brexit debate and the actions of 'right-wing governments'.

Others took aim at his comedy career, which wasn't afraid to exploit stereotypes or foreign accents for a laugh.

Some also pointed out that London was hardly an 'English city' when it was first created.

Incidentally, Cleese seems to be alone among his Monty Python alumni on Brexit, with Michael Palin telling the Radio Times in 2016 that he felt 'ashamed' of the racism that it had unleashed.

I don’t think the British as a whole are racist at all.

But there are some who are pretty vicious, and I’m ashamed of the racial attacks and people being shouted out in the street or told to go home, ‘Now it’s our country.’

But these are shameful people and it makes me think, with Brexit, where is the better land that we’ve got?

What is this better world? Is it really any better, or is it just a world where people can be abusive?

Meanwhile, Eric Idle has shared his support for a second EU referendum whilst Terry Gilliam branded Cleese an 'idiot' in a 2018 interview with AFP for his support of Brexit.

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