Leave voter explains in viral Twitter thread why he can no longer support Brexit

Leave voter explains in viral Twitter thread why he can no longer support Brexit

For many Brexit has been a long a torturous road into the abyss that now looks to be completely redundant as UK parliament cannot make up their mind as to what they want to do.

As of right now, the Commons has agreed to return to Brussels and attempt to seek an extension on Article 50. Whether the EU will grant that or not remains to be seen but it's just another sorry chapter in the UK's attempt to leave the EU.

Long before the EU referendum, there were those that were passionately against Brexit and those who couldn't get enough of it. The former camp has continued to argue for Britain's EU membership by pointing out what a catastrophe Brexit could be.

The latter though haven't been as vocal about leaving. Beyond a few ardent Brexiteer MPs and the likes of Nigel Farage, Tim Martin and the odd bloke on Question Time, Brexiteers have slowly been fading away into the shadows.

Not everyone who voted for Brexit is likely to be that honest about it (the same could be said for Remainers) but one Brexiteer who has given up on the cause is the journalist and commentator, Ben Kelly, who has put together a viral Twitter thread explaining why his enthusiasm for the movement is virtually dead.

Kelly explains how he and a few friends had hoped for a 'Liberal Brexit' based on sensible ideas but how that was dashed by the government and opposing MPs but also how the whole debate has brought at the worst in Britain and how the deep resentment between Leavers and Remainers, misinformation and lies from the Leave campaign and the use of EU nationals as bargaining chips has left a sour taste in his mouth.

This is a long thread but makes for worthwhile reading.

Since Kelly shared the thread on Thursday it has been retweeted more than 1000 times and has received a lot of praise for his honest and well-written words.

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