Ex-Trump lawyer gets hilariously dragged for sending official document in comic sans

It turns out that Comic Sans is not widely considered to be an acceptable choice of font for official legal documents being presented to Congress. Who knew?

Apparently not John Dowd, the former Donald Trump lawyer and current defence attorney for two of Rudy Giuliani’s associates.

Giuliani is of course the former mayor of New York City and personal lawyer to Trump (Dowd defended the president in the Russia investigation).

This week, a recent letter written by Dowd to the House Intelligence Committee found its way onto Twitter.

The letter stated that his clients Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman would not voluntarily turn over information on to their activities with Giuliani.

But all people really cared about was that it was written in Comic Sans.

This seems to have reignited a long-standing debate about the acceptability of comic sans, and whether we should judge people by their fonts.

The consensus seems to be that yes, in this case, the comic sans speaks volumes...

Others were more perturbed by the bizarrely old school system of printing something out to sign it IRL, then scanning it to email back.

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