Every year, the nation eagerly awaits the release of John Lewis’s Christmas advert.

Finally, to the delight of many, it has arrived. This year, the long-awaited ad focuses on the theme of giving ‘a little love’. With a specially-written original song, Celeste sings her way through the ad which focuses on the gift of kindness.

The advert begins with a little boy getting his football stuck in a tree. A friend, a young girl, steps in to help out. Switching back and forth between live-action and animation, the ad goes on to chronicle various acts of kindness.Throughout, hearts symbolise those acts of kindness.

While the ads normally elicit widespread fanfare, this year people are a little more divided.

But lots of people found it underwhelming.

Given that John Lewis considered not doing a Christmas advert at all this year, we're happy at least to have something to get a little emotional about.

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