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John McAfee was once a respected computer programmer and businessman who founded the first commercial cyber-security software.

Now, he’s just another weird person on the internet.

The creator of McAfee antivirus has a history of erratic statements.

For example, he once claimed he disguised himself as a Guatemalan street vendor when he was on the run from Belize’s police and promised he would win the 2016 presidential election.

But his latest outburst might get him in trouble with the US government, as the multi-millionaire says he hasn’t filed a tax return in eight years.

His reason? Apparently, tax is illegal and unconstitutional.

What’s more, McAfee also compared the IRS to the Nazi SS and said he had “prepared [his] entire life for this battle” with them.

No one will f*** with the enormous power of the IRS. It emerged as an SS like intimidation arm of the government during prohibition - when drinking alcohol was a crime. Unable to buy legitimatte alcohol the publuc relied on family stills. From destrying stills, it now destroys us.

He wasn’t finished there though, because he also returned to one of his favourite online past-times – tweeting about sex with whales.

Whale sex is a recurring feature on McAfee’s Twitter account, after it first made an appearance during his 2016 presidential bid.

And while it’s almost certainly a long-running joke, you’ve got to hand it to him – he’s pretty committed to it.

McAfee is supposedly planning on running in the 2020 presidential election, where he is likely to be only the second craziest candidate.

And for anyone worried about him, don’t worry!

McAfee says he’s okay...

If you say so, John.

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