John Oliver: 'Donald Trump's tweets are like Tom Cruise - short, unhinged and you can’t look away'

Picture: HBO/YouTube
Picture: HBO/YouTube

The way the two presumptive US presidential candidates reacted to the Orlando shooting this weekend shows just how fundamentally different the two are.

Hillary Clinton:

And Donald Trump, eloquent and tasteful as ever:

In the latest episode of John Oliver's Last Week Tonight the comedian opened with a sobering tribute to the 50 people who lost their lives in the Isis-affiliated attack on gay nightclub in Florida.

He also undertook the thankless job of trawling through Trump's Twitter feed in order to analyse what we can tell about the Donald from egomaniacal online behaviour.

He brought the viewer's attention to one particular exchange between Trump and Clinton.

The spat occurred after president Barack Obama finally officially endorsed Clinton on Thursday, much to Trump's ire:

Hillary's camp had responded with:


Except maybe Clinton shouldn't be feeding the trolls, Oliver says.

You might have enjoyed that tweet – frankly many did, it has over half a million likes - but getting a lot of likes does not necessarily mean you’ve accomplished something good.

You've just moved this fight onto his turf... As soon as she engaged with Trump on Twitter the fight was back on his turf, and no one fights better there.

He has a point: nobody does throwing-sand-in-your-face-style playground tactics like Trump.

Trump’s mastery on social media is unprecedented: he misspells words, overuses caps, passes on un-vetted information and is overtly racist: he’s basically Twitter’s id made manifest.

For example:

Oliver sums Trump up pretty succinctly...

Trump is an ego-goblin who feasts on verbal filth.

And he has some wise advice for Clinton:

Hillary, you are not going to beat Donald Trump at social media. His tweets are the Tom Cruise’s of tweets: short and unhinged — but you kind of can’t look away.

Here's the video in its entirety:

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