John Simpson yelled very NSFW word on GMB and viewers thought it was hilarious

Veteran news broadcaster John Simpson shocked Good Morning Britain viewers on Friday morning with a sudden sweary outburst – all before 7am.

Talking to Richard Madeley and Kate Garraway, Simpson began talking about a near-death experience he had suffered in Beirut, Lebanon some years previous.

Beginning the tale, Simpson said: “It was me in Beirut some years ago and a guy stuck a gun in the back of my neck, pulled the trigger and I thought my last moment had come. Then everybody laughed and I got up and I brushed off my knees and I thought, ‘I’ve gotta reassert myself here.’”

Then, perhaps not realising what time of day it was and being too candid with his story, Simpson added: “So I said to the guy who’d fired the gun, or hadn’t fired the gun, ‘D’you know what, you’re a real w****r.’”

Simpson almost immediately realised his error and apologised to Garraway and Madeley who were both equally in stitches and shocked. In response, Garraway joked: “You’re also in trouble now for saying that on breakfast television! We won’t give you a mock execution! You’re okay John, you’re okay. I think people understand.”

She then apologised for Simpson’s outburst with Madeley adding: “You were talking about something utterly fundamental.”

We’re sure Simpson is mortified right now but he definitely appears to have given the UK a much-needed chuckle on Friday morning.

Despite the hysterics, we doubt the 76-year-old foreign correspondent, who began reporting for the BBC in 1970, will be pinning this up as one of his proudest moments anytime soon, but fair play to him for using such language in such a heated situation.

Simpson was on GMB to promote his recent novel Our Friends In Beijing which makes reference to the aforementioned mock execution. He said the protagonist in the book “is me and it isn’t” and that about 80 per cent of the events featured in the book had either happened to him or colleagues during their careers as foreign correspondents.

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