The credits on Jon Snow’s final Channel 4 News appearance had viewers in tears

The credits on Jon Snow’s final Channel 4 News appearance had viewers in tears

After 32 years, Jon Snow presented his final edition of Channel 4 last night - and viewers were feeling pretty emotional about his departure.

The 74-year-old gave a poignant final speech at the end of the news programme where he paid tribute to the people he has worked with since joining the channel back in 1989, along with thanking the viewers who have watched his bulletins all these years.

“I am nothing in this studio without the significant technical and journalistic teams that night after night ensure that Channel 4 news comes to you,” Snow said.

“The joy of working here is those teams and their skills - technicians and journalists - and thanks to the far-sighted government, regulators, that have given us an hour of independent news in prime time.

“Thank you to all of the people who have trusted me with their stories all over the world too, often in appalling circumstances, but most of all, I am so grateful to you at home - yes you, sitting there,” as he pointed at the camera.

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“It’s not always an easy watch. We don’t always get away with it and we don’t always get it right.

“But your hunger to know more about the world, to hear different voices, to get closer to the truth, it’s been the greatest privilege of my life to bring you the news. Thank you. Stay safe. That’s Channel 4 news. Good evening.”

Snow’s career began at LBC in 1973, before he became Washington correspondent and diplomatic editor at ITN in 1976 and before he became the present we all know and love at Channel 4.

Viewers took to Twitter to send their supportive message to Snow - and it’s clear many will miss the broadcaster (along with his colourful ties and socks).

After he signed off for a final time, the camera then followed Snow as he walked through the newsroom as colleagues cheered and applauded him, and confetti fell around him.

Moving credits signed off Snow’s final broadcast at the end that reflected his time, influence and impact on Channel 4 which also had viewers in tears. The credits listed Snow with the titles of Voice, Mentor, Leader, Inspiration, Driving Force, Moral Compass, and Friend. It also read: “We’re all so happy and proud to have worked with you Jon, we stand on your shoulders, thank you.”

As you can imagine, viewers were also touched by this fitting dedication to Snow.

From interviewing the likes of Nelson Mandela, Hillary Clinton, Margaret Thatcher to meeting fictional Jon Snow from Games of Thrones (Kit Harrington) clips of Snow’s international coverage of current events that has taken him all over the world, he’s certainly had some memorable moments over the years which Channel 4 shared ahead of his final edition.

Tributes from fellow journalists, politicians and public figures have been pouring as Snow present his final edition of the news.

Former UK prime minister, Gordon Brown described Snow as a “British institution and always will be.” He added: “Jon, your charitable work is less well known but attribute to your idealism. “You deserve all our thanks for showing us that even amidst evil and injustice in this world a better world is possible.

Channel 4 co-presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy posted a Twitter thread in tribute to his colleague and called him “the most energetic, enthusiastic, committed and questioning TV journalist - who has brought compassion and humanity to his reporting wherever he goes.”

Another co-presenter, Cathy Newman called working with Snow “the privilege of my life” and also said: “...please know you have inspired so many in every corner of the world.”

Newsnight presenter, Emily Maitlis shared Snow gave her one of her first breaks in broadcast journalism and described him as a “real mensch and role model.”

Comedian, Nish Kumar also praised Snow, calling him a “class act.”

Broadcaster, Piers Morgan shared some kind words about Snow too, “You’ve been a consistently brilliant news broadcaster, and aside from the ludicrous ties, and dodgy helmets, a lot of fun too. Congrats on a great run - I’ll miss you!”

In April this year, Snow announced he would be leaving his role, and said in a statement: “After three incredible decades on Channel 4 News, it is time to move on.”

Despite no longer being a daily fixture on our TV screen, Snow will continue to do long-form projects for Channel 4 while also focusing on his charity work.

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