Jonathan Pie's latest sweary rant is the best election analysis so far


Comedian Tom Walker [as his ranting newscaster character Jonathan Pie] has shared the best take on the election outcome so far.

Thursday's election resulted in a hung parliament, which means no party has a majority to rule comfortably.

While still the biggest party, the Conservatives lost 13 seats compared to Labour gaining 30, which lead both parties to claim they'd won the election.

It's left the country in a state of uncertainty and confusion, which has been perfectly summed up by Jonathan Pie in his latest viral clip.

Speaking outside the Houses of Parliament, he begins asking "Tim can I go to bed now, I almost nodded off on air then Tim. I can barely string a thing together." Which, let's be honest, is how we all felt on Friday morning.

"Tim" is fictional producer at the time we assume. He then goes on.

I'm actually quite confused as well Tim,  Jeremy Corbyn just won an election while simultaneously losing it, and she just lost an election by winning it

She [Theresa May] started this campaign with the highest approval of any Prime Minister since year f**k knows, and the country wakes up to this! 

He was never gonna win this. She was never gonna lose this. For her this election was her chance to get rid of the opposition and get a democratically, legitimate, authoritarian government, you know like in Turkey...

This is referring to a referendum in Turkey earlier this year which gave the President greater rights.

He goes on to be even more critical of the PM.

And this for Labour was attempting to stop Theresa May from steam-rolling every liberty we had by not losing too badly, well she lost, he won.

We just got ourselves a strong and stable opposition, and that is the best democratic result you could ask for.

Two Conservative Prime Minister's in as many years have gone to the country arrogantly believing they can dictate how the people should vote. Have you not learnt your lesson? The electorate will punish your arrogance. Clinton, Cameron, another example.

I reckon a lot of Tory members are wishing they'd gone for Andrea Leadsom as leader, right now, that's how s**t your night was Theresa.

And he doesn't hold back, not just criticising Theresa May but "Blairite" Labour members too.

And as for Labour's night, all the 80 per cent of Labour MPs who voted against Corbyn, yeah I'm talking to you - you f**king Blairite, centrist, faux-left, faux-socialist, faux-f**king give-a-f**k, how do you feel this morning? F**king glad you're still in a f**king job I bet. 'Cause it turns out, we don't want a Tory tribute act as an opposition, we want a genuine, socialist, alternative.

 Can you imagine what you'd have achieved if you'd supported your leader this campaign? You'd be in government right now!

He really, really, doesn't hold back at critics of Corbyn.

This is what happens when you offer genuine socialism..

Do you know who I'm laughing at the most? Not May, I'm almost feel sorry for her. Most of the time she looked like she just wanted to go home and have an Ovaltine. No I'm laughing at Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson, because New Labour is dead, you f**kers. And that's the best result of any election I've ever seen.

The Labour party won 262 seats compared to the Tories 318. They also won their biggest share of the popular vote since 1997 and their biggest increase in vote share in 72 years.

You can see the full clip here, which contains lots of NSFW language, obviously.

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