Jordan Peterson said he’s getting a Covid vaccine and anti-vax fans are furious
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Jordan Peterson has alienated loads of his fans by announcing that he is getting the coronavirus vaccine.

Writing on Twitter, the controversial professor told his followers he didn’t have enough antibodies to prevent reinfection, necessitating a good old dose of the vaccine. He said:

But people were unimpressed with his attempt to not get ill and, commenting on his post, many expressed their distress that their hero had fallen victim to logic ‘groupthink’:

That Peterson’s fans hold opinions such as those above is perhaps unsurprising. The psychologist has garnered controversy for comparing trans activists with Chairman Mao, arguing that men have protected women throughout history rather than oppressed them, and advocating ‘enforced monogamy’, among other lovely ideas.

While he has never expressed mistrust in vaccinations or claimed that coronavirus is not real, his politics are part of a right-wing political playbook that often involves anti-vax views.

And so, his fans wiped their tears using pages ripped from Peterson’s bible 12 Rules For Life:

Peterson has not responded to any of his critics, so whether the backlash has quelled his desire to not be infected with coronavirus remains to be seen, although somehow we doubt it.

We look forward to hearing Peterson announce the 13th rule for life though, ‘get the coronavirus vaccine’.

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