The king of Jordan has said the conflict with Isis is "our war".

In an interview with CNN's Fareed Zakaria - his first since the horrific murder of a Jordanian pilot - King Abdullah II said:

It is our war. It has been for a long time. These are outlaws, in a way, of Islam, the minute they set up this irresponsible caliphate to try to expand their dominion over Muslims.

He added:

We have a moral responsibility to reach out to those Muslims to protect them and stop (Isis) before they reach our border.

Isis captured Royal Jordanian Air Force pilot Moath al-Kasabeh in December after his plane came down during coalition air-strikes.

In February it released a video showing the 29-year-old in a cage, being burned alive.

King Adbullah told CNN he has not watched the video. "Many of us refused to see what I think is propaganda," he said.

Follow this link to watch the full interview.

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