Twitter users welcome Joe Biden’s alter-ego to the world stage

The accurate translation of articles originally written in English to Spanish has been a woeful source of comic relief within the recently launched Independent en Español imprint. 

Perhaps that’s why AP referring to US president-elect Joe Biden as José in a since updated news story on Wednesday provided a much-needed moment of newsroom zen.

It could have been the 78-year-old’s love of tacos or his penchant for Luis Fonsi tunes that fueled the innocuous mistake. Maybe it was Mexico’s president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, recently validating his future counterpart’s pro-immigrant stance. 

Whatever the case, Twitter users responded swiftly with a barrage of muy chistoso memes.

Composites showing the presidente electo donning a sombrero were at the viral frontline

Immediately, speculation arose around Jose’s possible cabinet picks

… and his transition team

Some conspiracists drew a straight line to Donaldo Trump

While others suggested the beginning a new birther conspiracy

This user called for redrafted campaign promises

Meanwhile, Biden’s veep Kamala Harris was reborn as “Karmela”

Señor Biden: Tear down this wall!

The hashtag #NoMásMalarkey popped up, alluding to one of Biden’s famous phrases

Could this be a coded message to Nancy Pelosi?

Some defended the move

Still, it’s clear #JoséBiden is here to stay

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