Nasa released photos of Jupiter and people can’t stop making the same joke

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The beauty of space is one of the most life-affirming things in the world.

And when Nasa released a stunning set of images from Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, taken by their Juno mission, everyone was in awe.

But some people couldn't help notice that the images looked like something else.

We’ll let you guess what it is first...

If you still haven’t got it, you’re probably not going to like the answer.


It really isn't any smarter than that.

That’s probably not the response Nasa was hoping for.

If you’re wondering why Nasa would release an image that obviously looks like a sanitary towel, you’re not alone.

The reason is that each picture is actually a composite of multiple images taken by the Juno camera and because the distance between Juno and Jupiter is not constant, you get that shape.

Thankfully, there were some people who managed to focus on the beauty of the image.

This is most importantly an amazing scientific achievement and we shouldn't forget that.

But yes, it does look a lot like a sanitary towel.

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