Last week reported Ukip had been accidentally campaigning in the wrong London constituency after a postcode error.

The party had sent "a number" of leaflets for its candidate in Islington North - Greg Clough - to an address in Islington South. At the time, the Lib Dems called it a "total cock up" that could cost Ukip thousands of pounds.

This week we bring you more news of Ukip's campaign going very, very wrong in neighbouring Hackney after a source contacted us with a mis-addressed leaflet.

The party has admitted to sending out "a couple of thousand" leaflets to Hackney South and Shoreditch instead of Hackney North and Stoke Newington after another postcode error.

Dave Raval, the Lib Dem agent for both Hackney constituencies, told "They can’t even work out which seat to send their literature to. It’s ridiculous."

A spokesperson for Ukip told "These things happen, it is certainly not endemic, but they are annoying."

They added: "You know we are hearing little stories of this sort across the country, with all parties bedevilled by the same problem."

While we have heard of instances otherparties campaigning in the wrong constituency, we haven't heard of anything on this scale. That's before you take the typos, and people unable to spell their own names into account.

So, we are putting out a call to readers. Have you received an error-strewn Ukip leaflet, or one from any other party, intended for another constituency? Email, tweet us or write in the comments and let us know.

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