Just Stop Oil spray orange paint over lobbyist headquarters 55 Tufton Street
Just Stop Oil

Throughout October, the climate activist group Just Stop Oil has been making headlines with a number of protests across the capital against the UK government’s new oil and gas licences after vowing to take action every day of the month.

From throwing tomato soup over an art masterpiece to causing traffic chaos by blocking a major route in and out of London, the group has certainly made their presence and cause known.

Here is a round-up of all the things the group has targeted.

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Van Gogh painting

In this high-profile stunt, two members of the activist group went to London’s National Gallery and threw cans of tomato soup on Vincent Van Gough’s world-famous Sunflowers painting, before gluing themselves to the wall.

Dartford crossing bridge

Causing traffic chaos, two activists scaled the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge at the Dartford Crossing, leading to the crossing being closed for 42 hours ago. The protestors were eventually brought down by a cherry-picker and arrested.


The luxury retailer also found itself a target of Just Stop Oil, as activists from the group sprayed the exterior of the department store with orange paint, while others glued themselves to the tarmac outside.

55 Tufton Street

The London address which is home to a controversial climate denial group and other right-wing think tanks was also a target of the group, who again covered the exterior of the building with orange paint in a protest.

Luxury car dealerships

The central London showrooms belonging to luxury vehicle brands Ferrari and Bentley were also sprayed with orange paint. Two were arrested for criminal damage.

King Charles III waxwork

Four protestors were arrested after they smeared chocolate cake over the waxwork of King Charles III at the tourist attraction Madame Tussauds.

Abbey Road

Just Stop Oil protestors blocked traffic at the famous Abbey Road crossing, leading to the arrest of four for “wilful obstruction”.

The Mall

Another stunt saw protestors superglue themselves to The Mall, blocking the road towards Buckingham Palace. 25 people had to be removed by specialist police officers, with some of them having to use debonding liquid in plastic syringes to free the protestors before detaining them.

Met Police

The headquarters of London’s Metropolitan Police service was targeted by orange paint, covering the New Scotland Yard sign.

Central London roads

Blocking roads in London is one of the most disruptive forms of protest and Just Stop Oil has been using it to get its point across. The group blocked a key junction between High Holborn and Kingsway in London and some glued themselves to the road. The group also sat in the middle of the A4, blocking traffic near Baron’s Court tube station.

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