Justin Timberlake labelled ‘disgusting’ over treatment of Britney Spears in new documentary

Justin Timberlake labelled ‘disgusting’ over treatment of Britney Spears in new documentary

A new Britney Spears documentary has evoked some intense reactions about the role people around her played in the aftermath of her public struggles with mental illness.

Ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake has been at the forefront of this, with viewers labelling him “disgusting” and a “villain” in the story of her public meltdown.

Long time stans of the pop icon have always believed he unfairly capitalised on their break up and her subsequent public perception, catapulting himself to solo stardom in the process.

But the release of Framing Britney Spears has opened his actions up to a wider audience, and people are now seething.

One of the biggest power couples of the early 2000s, their breakup was anything but pop perfection. 

The documentary makes it clear that Timberlake was positioned as the victim and stayed largely silent when his ex was under intense media scrutiny years later. 

Many fans believe his depiction of their relationship in his breakout solo work allowed him to garner sympathy and sell records. His debut single 'Cry Me A River' appeared to depict Britney as a cheater, and he famously went on to give interviews in which he commented on their sex life to the press.

Fans are now demanding an apology.

The documentary reveals a staggering amount about the powerful people that surround her.

Justin now falls into the list of the many people the documentary implicates as having played a role in fueling the fires of her downfall.

He is listed along with Britney’s father (and former conservator), her former manager Sam Lufti, and ex-husband Kevin Federline.

What's more, the whole thing dropping at the same time as the Super Bowl is reminding people of Justin's role in the public shaming of Janet Jackson, following their performance in 2004.

There's even a Wikipedia page dedicated to the controversy.

Framing Britney Spears opens up a lot of discussion in the wake of the ever-growing #FreeBritney movement.

Its release is timely, given how frequently the issue of her conservatorship has been in the headlines over the past year.

With her next court hearing in a matter of days, fans will be sitting tightly.

indy100 has reached out to Timberlake for comment

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