Justin Trudeau wore a fireman's jacket and the internet is on FIRE

Harriet Marsden@harriet1marsden
Sunday 30 April 2017 16:00
Picture:(Composite Screenshot: Twitter)

We had young Justin Trudeau, we had Justin Trudeau from behind, and now this, the ultimate in fantasy cliche: Justin Trudeau in a firefighter jacket.

It seems that photos of Canada's Prime Minister can do nothing but send social media into meltdown.

And this time was no different.

Trudeau was visiting a firestation in Regina, Saskatchewan province, when he put on the jacket and set Twitter alight.

Disclaimer: before anybody starts shouting 'double standard' for protesting sexist comments on female politicians' appearance, while simultaneously giggling over photos of Justin Trudeau...

A jocular focus on Justin Trudeau's appearance and / or perceived attractiveness does not have the same misogynistic overtones, nor does it cause him to be taken less seriously as a politician, like it does with his female counterparts.

Now, enough foreplay.

Behold Trudeau, in all his glory.

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