'Gun Girl' Kaitlin Bennett accused of antisemitism after leaked messages from a group chat surface online

There's many right-wing media influencers who have made a name out of being controversial in public.

Kaitlin Bennett, also known as the Kent State Gun Girl, has now been accused of antisemitism after recently leaked messages between her and a group of other young, right wing media figures.

Bennett runs a libertarian media organisation called Liberty Hangout, a kind of alt-right media outlet for young people.

In the screenshots of messages from 2017, first reported by It’s Going Down.org, an American news organisation, Kaitlin and other members of the group sent messages where they posted photos of someone else and said that “they looked Jewish”.

They also criticised other organisations such as Turning Point USA (TPUSA), a right-wing media organisation for young people, and called them “Turning Point Israel”, and used three sets of parantheses when referring to donors to Turning Point. The three sets of parantheses is an anti semitic dog whistle, used by members of the alt-right to identify people who are Jewish online as targets for harassment.

Another member of the group said that they “can’t wait to get back to being normal Nazis”. Several other interactions in the group include posting photos of people, posting screenshots mocking kosher meal requests at a TPUSA conference, and drawing a link between Israel and other prominent right wing commentators.

In 2016, Liberty Hangout was the subject of controversy after posting a Twitter poll asking whether the Holocaust had happened as it had been reported, and then doubling down on Holocaust denial after people pointed out what they were doing. Those posts have since been deleted.

Liberty Hangout continues to maintain an active presence on social media, and recently posted in support of Trump declaring himself ‘king’ after remarks he made at a press conference.

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