Republican senator accused of racism for mocking Kamala Harris's name
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People are sharing the meaning behind their names in solidarity with Kamala Harris after a Republican senator referred to her as a "Kamala-mala-mala".

David Perdue, who is running for re-election in Georgia, mocked the vice president nominee's name at a Trump rally in the state. His Democrat opponent, Jon Ossoff, shared a video of the incident, commenting "we are so much better than this".

He also referred to an antisemitic ad Perdue's campaign team published on Facebook in which Ossoff's nose was digitally enlarged. (Perdue pulled the ad and blamed an "outside vendor" for the "unintentional error" after it sparked a backlash.)

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Ossoff raised $2m after his tweet went viral.

He also inspired people of colour to share what their name means in solidarity with Harris.

Celebrities and Democrat politicians from all backgrounds joined in with the trend.

Perdue, meanwhile, was widely condemned for his racist jibe.

His offensive comment, made while introducing the president, completely backfired, resulting in a boost for Democrat funding and support.

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