Kanye West hilariously mocked for 'ridiculous' response to his failed election bid

It’s safe to say that Kanye West will not be president of the United States of America… at least not as a result of the 2020 election.

But if the American rapper has anything to say about it, all that will change in 2024.

On the day of the election, West posted several photos and videos voting for himself.

But because he failed to qualify for the ballot in his home state of Wyoming, he had to write his own name in.

The posts started out super optimistic with a motivational “keep believing” caption:

He also tweeted “Kanye 2020” and posted a photo proudly wearing his “I voted” sticker.

Then just nine hours later, the tone switched and West essentially conceded defeat and focussed his attention on the 2024 election:

It’s estimated West received at least 50,000 votes in this year’s US election.

And people had a lot of thoughts – namely that West’s run was completely “ridiculous” (among other things):

Then the memes started:

To add insult to injury, Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian reportedly may have voted for Joe Biden.


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