Kanye West and politics is like a bumpy flight that all of us are forced to board.

After his highly publicised support for president Donald Trump, which saw him lose fans, friends and followers, West has taken to Twitter to sign himself out of the politics game.

He tweeted saying that he has been “used” and will no longer be commenting on politics.

Shortly afterwards, he followed a selection of new people, taking his “following” tally on Twitter up to 120 people compared to a follower count of 28.7 million.

But there’s one follow in particular that's got people talking.

West appears to have followed UK Green Party politician Caroline Lucas. Lucas, the MP for Brighton Pavilion, is a fierce champion of progressive causes, putting her on the opposite side of the political spectrum from Trump.

West recently changed his profile picture on Twitter to a planet. Could this mean that he has turned over a new political leaf and will now become a warrior against climate change?

While the reasons for this new follow are as yet unknown, Lucas has responded to the news on Twitter, quoting West’s second studio album – Late Registration.

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