This woman was body shamed by strangers, so she exposed their embarrassing DMs to her

This woman was body shamed by strangers, so she exposed their embarrassing DMs to her

An Australian bikini designer who’s vocal about body positivity has been pushing back against people who try to body-shame her.

Karina Irby is an influencer and designer, and has been open about her struggles with eczema and body issues. Irby often speaks about how she’s feeling and what effect this has had on her – but people still send her rude and demeaning messages.

She’s started posting photos of the messages and comments she received, often with people saying that they’re only trying to help.

Irby has spoken out about these issues in the past, saying that her life on social media is often anything but glamorous, because of the amount of vitriol and hate that she receives after she posts photos of herself.

She also said that she’s noticed the amount of hate that she’s receiving has increased over the last couple of months.

She posted one of someone who claimed to be a former follower who said that they had come back to ask if “her skin condition improved.”

In the caption, Irby said that while she’s struggled for a while with her skin condition, she now feels more confident. In a comment, she says, “I’m proud to say I’m strong enough now to say NO and kindly SHUT UP.”

In another post from the beginning of July, she said that while she had been bullied in school for her eczema scars, she had never expected it to continue well into adulthood. But she said that she was just embarrassed for the people who were sending messages to her.

She added: “I’m not embarrassed about my eczema, cellulite, weight or scars.”

Quite right.

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