Kayleigh McEnany lies about not lying after CNN host Jake Tapper criticises her for lying

Kayleigh McEnany has faced a lot of backlash after she basically lied about not lying – which could be easily disproved by anyone who’s watched her on TV.

It all started over the weekend when Jake Tapper, the host of a popular politics show State of the Union on CNN and a media personality, said that he had banned McEnany from coming onto his show after she had lied far too many times.  In a few sentences, he told Brian Stelter – who hosts the CNN show Reliable Sources that he had stopped inviting McEnany onto the show because she ‘lies in the same way as most people breathe’ and that ‘she can’t acknowledge reality’.

McEnany is currently the White House Press Secretary, a role that she’s been in since April of this year, after her predecessor, Stephanie Grisham, stepped down from the role. McEnany does have a history of spreading conspiracy theories and lying on behalf of president Trump and has previously been called out for her falsehoods on TV.

McEnany shared a clip of Tapper’s segment, saying that it was a ‘baseless personal attack’.

She said that her tweeting out the link was a ‘therapy session’ and affirmed that she doesn’t leak or lie.

But it was easy to prove that she was lying yet again – something she should have thought about before pretending that she’d never lied before.

Previous appearances that McEnany made included spreading conspiracy theories about CNN itself, as well as making claims such as Trump being ‘exonerated’ by the Mueller report and saying that Trump was joking when he tweeted about reducing coronavirus testing so that less people would test positive - and so case numbers would be reported as low.

What makes McEnany’s actions so particularly galling is that during her first press conference in May, she was asked by a reporter in the White House press pool if she could pledge never to lie to the press, which she did. Of course, a few moments later, she said that Trump had always told the truth, something which even Trump himself would probably deny.

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