Kayleigh McEnany ridiculed for lying about crowd size as thousands turn up for 'Million Maga March'

Kayleigh McEnany ridiculed for lying about crowd size as thousands turn up for 'Million Maga March'

The Trump administration is ending in the same way that it started, by overexaggerating crowd sizes.

On Saturday, Trump supporters, including the far-right group Proud Boys, descended upon Washington DC for the so-called 'Million Maga March.' In reality, it wasn't quite one million. More like a couple of thousand.

Reports suggest that the crowd size was nowhere near the one million figure but that didn't stop McEnany from completely overestimating just how many people had turned up to the protest.

According to the 32-year-old, more than one million 'descended on the swamp in support' of president Trump to protest the election result adding that they were the 'best base in political history.'

However, it was obvious from the two screenshots that she posted from Fox News that there wasn't even close to one million people there and was perhaps less than a thousand, in all honesty.

McEnany, who has a history of lying in order to make the president look better, soon found herself being ridiculed for her crowd judging skills

For some, it was a reminder of the very start of the Trump administration, when former press secretary Sean Spicer went to great lengths to claim that Trump had the largest audience ever to witness an inauguration in January 2017. The reality was that it was tiny, especially compared to the crowd Barack Obama attracted in 2009.

It really was a case of deja vu.

Away from how many people actually turned up or not, the protest was marred with violence and clashes between counter protesters, with Sky News reporting that 20 were arrested and at least one person was stabbed. President Trump ranted on Twitter demanding that that police 'don't hold back' when confronting 'ANTIFA SCUM' who were attacking 'innocent MAGA people.'

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