Keanu Reeves fans are loving his respectful behaviour towards women

Christopher Jue/Getty

Keanu Reeves is known for being a considerate human being, a rarity in Hollywood – and for being almost painfully awkward when people try to praise him for it.

The John Wick 3 actor, who inadvertently inspired the Sad Keanu meme after he was pictured eating a sandwich on a bench, solo, also gained a reputation for being a genuinely nice guy.

He has gone viral again, and this time it’s because a fan noticed that when he takes pictures with female fans, he doesn’t put his arms around them.


Fans are here for it

"The only hero we have left"

There's even a name for what he's doing: "Hover Hands"

Others jokingly refer to it as the "Jesus pose"

Some people said Keanu is just being a good person - there's nothing huge about that

Mostly though, we stan.

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